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A better dining experience

Reserve is your personal dining concierge. With just a few taps, Reserve enables a more seamless experience, from getting the table you want to paying effortlessly at the end of the meal.

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Reserve is live in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago.

Your table is ready

Reserve partners with your city's best restaurants to provide a great dining experience. Make your choice and Reserve will get to work.

Recommendations & Options

With carefully curated recommendations, Reserve now helps you find more restaurants you'll love. If your original selection isn’t available, restaurants can now send back alternatives, like bar seating or other available times.

Seamless service

Reserve enables exceptional experiences before, during and after your meal. Your feedback helps improve your Reserve experience and helps the restaurant improve, as well.

Effortless payment

With Reserve there's no need to pull out your wallet or phone. After your meal, the check is automatically billed to your card, including the tip and Reserve's small concierge fee.

“I love how it's working well before the guest has even walked in the door.”
Chef and Owner
Blue Ginger, Blue Dragon